Monday 1 April 2024

CCPS 2.0 is Live!

After a few months of hard work and sticktoitiveness, the CCPS is back and slightly improved. This old blogger-based site will be decommissioned in the coming months as content is migrated over to our fancy new website at

The new site is way more searchable, way more linked, and... just the beginning. We're going to be adding in new features, including our much dreamed of gig poster archive.

Huge thanks to Tom Atkinson and Aaron Booth for their help with migrating posts - we've brought over just under half of the content from this site as of this date. Phew! If you want to volunteer to help migrate content - or create new content (like adding in artist details), email us at

Tuesday 19 April 2022

Rum Runner/Blotto Boys - A Tribute To The Pogues/The Boys From Hoserville (2003); Rum Runner - Dead Men Are Heavier Than Broken Hearts (2005), Tonight! Tonight! Tonight! (2011)

Well, it kind of makes sense to follow up Knucklehead with this trio of singles from Rum Runner. Well, two and half singles - the first is a split with The Blotto Boys, who we think was a one-off band featuring Dan Izzo (among others, obvs). That split single's four Pogues covers characterize Rum Runner's sound - over their time they served up a blend of Knucklehead-like punk tinged with a Celtic folk influence. And lyrics that carried a subtle complexity - Al Drinkle's songwriting has a great literate sensibility.

Get the singles here.

Monday 18 April 2022

Knucklehead - Knucklehead (1998), Cosmetic Youth (2004), Hearts On Fire (2008), Cold Civil War (2012)

We're going to head back into the CCPS 7" archive - but we're going to focus on a few gems from the past 25 years that hearken back to the original content of this project. We've noticed that a few singles aren't available in digital format and/or the bands have no online presence - so we're going to rectify that.

As a starting point, here are four singles from local legends Knucklehead, spanning almost 15 years. We forgot how long these guys were active - and even though they have a selection of their releases up on their bandcamp (including the last of these singles), but the first three seem lost to the sands of time. Or at least we're going to pretend they are and post 'em anyways. It's pretty fun to listen to these in order and hear how Knucklehead honed its sonic attack while retaining its original sing-along spirit, capturing the raw energy of their amazing live shows. 

Get the three earlier singles here, and get Cold Civil War from Knucklehead's bandcamp.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Nandos - S/S 17 (2017), F/W 17/18 Collection (2018)

We learned a VERY important lesson with these two tapes from Alexander Steinitz's Nandos: when juggling unlabeled tapes, be very careful not to mix them up. We learned this exactly two minutes too late, but we think we've figured out which tape is which... maybe? We featured a tape from Nandos a couple of years ago, and these two fall in the same vein of experimental electronica. Where other local projects like, say, Evangelos Lambrinoudis II's Corinthian are more structured, Nandos embraces the chaos and gets downright muddy at time. It's a weird rave, but it's still a rave.

We don't really have a source to point you to for these - we'd recommend checking Melodiya or Hot Wax to see if they have copies still kicking around.

Monday 25 October 2021

Westmount Records: Dave Liske, Denny Eddy (1975), Bob Hoy and the Badlanders

It's taking us so long to get through these boxes of Calgary singles that we're... well, adding more singles into the collection as we go. And so have to catch up on a few new Westmount Records releases that we want to catch up on.

This is another mixed bag - there's some easy listening pop from Bob Hoy and the Badlanders (honestly, we were really hoping this one would be straight up garage rock with that name), another single from country singer Denny Eddy (trigger warning on the A side of that one - it maybe hasn't aged well), and a bit more country from Dave Liske. The Liske record is pretty decent - although the A side of our copy is a bit rough.

But you're probably getting used to that with these singles.

Saturday 16 October 2021

Chris Kay - Alberta (1983), Ed Preston - A Song For Alberta

We have no idea how or why we keep missing records in our collection. Somehow we missed these two Alberta-themed country records back when we were in our Alberta song phase. We can't tell you anything about either of these artists. Ed Preston apparently hails from Claresholm, and the Chris Kay record has addresses in both Calgary (on the first side) and Reno, Nevada (on, well, the other first side). 

But you can get them here

Sunday 19 September 2021

Rick Morgenstern - That Lady of Mine (1978), Lovin', Lovin' (1979), Be My Dream Maker (1979), I'm Taking Care Of The Babies (1981), Nashville's Lonely Out Tonight (1982)

Today's stack of singles is from country singer/keyboardist Rick Morgenstern. Two are on his own Meadow-Morgen Records (named in part for his hometown of Meadowlake, Saskatchewan) and the other three are on Heart Records. These are all polished little slabs of vinyl (not literally - as you've probably noticed by now, some of our records are in TERRIBLE condition), which is probably why Morgenstern piqued the interest of Heart founder Ron Mahonin:

At last sighting Morgenstern was still active, living in Edmonton and playing with the legendary Emeralds

Get these singles here!

Saturday 18 September 2021

Ian Tyson - Beverly (1977), Alberta's Child (1980), Ol' Alberta Moon (1981), Alberta's Child (1983)

So, here's that other Highwood single - from the legendary Ian Tyson! We had to go back a revisit the timeline of his career to figure out how he ended up releasing this piece of vinyl (along with another) on such a small label. The duo of Ian & Sylvia called it quits in 1975, around the same time The Ian Tyson Show - and in 1980 Tyson signed on with a new manager that helped to reinvigorate his career. 

In that interim period between 1975 and 1980, he put out a few recordings on smaller labels (Gary Buck's Broadland imprint, the Hitchner's Highwood, and Stompin' Tom's Boot Records). We've got a selection of singles (mostly) from that era of his career, including three singles that are Alberta-themed. Oh, and two of which are the same song. That second, major-label version of "Alberta's Child" is in here also because it was mixed by Richard Harrow in his Living Room Studios.

Get 'em here!

Friday 17 September 2021

Highwood Records - James Lee Hitchner (1975, 1976, 1977, 1981), Keith Hitchner (1975, 1981)

Today's seven singles come to us via siblings James Lee Hitchner and Keith Hitchner, and (mostly) the Highwood label. James got his start in music in the early 60's, playing in a country/pop outfit called the Cavaliers before going full country. We suspect that the Highwood label - which most of these singles are on - was a family business, as all the label seems to have put out are records by the brothers Hitchner. With one big exception, which we'll get to tomorrow. But for now, you can enjoy this ripper of a review of an early James Lee Hitchner show:

Ouch! Suffice to say, these singles are far more polished.

Tuesday 14 September 2021

Rich Dodson - Julia Get Up (1972), Van Louis - Solitary Feeling (1983)

IF we had been smarter in our sequencing, we would have included this pair of singles alongside those other Stampeders 7"s we posted a short while ago. BUT we are no good at the planning sometimes. So, today's the day that you get a pair of singles by Stampeders members Rich Dodson and Van Louis. Dodson put out a pile of singles (most of which are on his own Marigold Records label), but this is just one of two singles that Van Louis (aka Emile Van Sprang) put out. The b side of his single, "Voyager," is probably our favourite track out of these four - it's a bit of a cheesy piece which is assumedly a tribute to the satellite of the same name, but it's kind of fun.